MyAnna Buring talks Kristen as VampBella, Tanya and Edward

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And MyAnna talks about Tanya and Edward
GlamourUK -3/14/2012.Your relationship with Edward Cullen is quite complicated. How did you get that to come across in Breaking Dawn?
Well Tanya has always held a torch for Edward, which sadly for her is a feeling that has never been reciprocated. To go into the details of that story was impossible in Breaking Dawn - as it is a separate story and we simply didn't have the time to incorporate it. So it just functioned as information and history for me playing Tanya. As she never displayed any jealous behaviour towards Edward and Bella's union in the books, Bill and I decided that she had the experience and the grace to let go of the things she could not change. We did however shoot a scene where she teased and joked with Edward about being jealous that he'd tied the knot. But it had to be cut because it was too long.