Taylor talks about Kristen and Rob in Heat Mag

Heat Mag scan by FiCroal. Thank you.

Talking about Kristen, she's got a reputation of being really miserable. Is that fair?
I don't really understand that. I love her, and I think anybody who sits down and talks to her will do. She's extremely talented and such a sweet girl. We all get nervous when we go to events and we all handle our nerves in a different way. I get super nervous and Kris and I freak out together backstage all the time.

Is there a secret rivalry between you and Rob?
Thankfully no. We have been filming together for three or four years now and we've all become close. We're great friends and so supportive of one another. It would be a nightmare if there was any rivalry. Having to deal with that for years would be impossible.

Did you get what everyone sees in Rob?
Oh yeah! He's a great guy. he's hilarious and I think that is the thing that most people don't see enough of with him. I'm always laughing when I'm with the guy. He's hysterical.

Another small mention in Taylor's FlicksandBits interview via @Mel452
You’ve become close friends with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson – did you miss them on the set of this movie?
Taylor Lautner: It was a little different at first. We’re definitely great friends, but I knew that as soon as I was done filming this that I was going back to spend seven months filming the last two with them. So I knew I was going to get enough of them then (laughs). With this it was great to be with new with people, and be with Lily, and everyone else we’ve mentioned.