Pics and Vids of Kristen and Chris Hemsworth Filming SWATH - September 28th

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Oh Lordy! Badass SnowStew and Hot Huntsman Chris!

New HQ Pics under the CUT- *Spoilerish*
HQs via kstewartfans
New Pictures added

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Fan pics
Herding Clouds Another photo of a knight with Kristen and Chris in the background One of the charging knights.
If you have keen eyes you will spot Kristen and Chris.
The war-band! Fantastic horse handlers, friendly people, really very impressive.
With the cross-shore wind we have today, it was definitely a good day for the flags and pennants!
And thats it! I didn't pursue more photos of Kristen because of my luck yesterday. Plus, I didn't want to be intrusive!

Not sure if Kristen is in this take.