Possible Ninja Sighting: Rob Spotted at Heathrow?


September 14th
Sighting1 I was just standing a footstep away from mr Robert pattinson he said good morning. He's so lovely :)
@PJann21 he was lovely he said morning to me I said you look tired and he said he's shattered :) (meaning very tired)
@PJann21 lol as an English person myself you don't always get polite ones lol :)
@PJann21 I think he was flying out
@flippyluv he had a bag and his guitar he was on departures level
@flippyluv he said morning he had his guitar with him and a bag
@flippyluv yes he had a baseball cap on
@i21kc didn't no that lol I just like him as an actor I've liked him since The bad mother handbook
@happymommy81 he just seemed tired bless him but he was lovely.
@ingrydpattinson no he got on a plane this morning don't no where to but he did fly out
 the job I do he has to pass me to get on a plane I've seen him before and I'm not allowed to ask celebs for photo or autograph it's not professional and I wouldn't want one anyways I'm use to celebrities coming threw. saw him at 9.30 this morning he's a nice guy

Sighting2 "Just saw Robert Patterson in VIP."

via PJann21