SWATH Update: Kristen Spotted on Set? Marloes Sands, Wales Set Pics/Tweets

Chloe_Tee Just saw kristen stewart! OMG! Marloes is an amazing place to film!via Alice_inTwiland
lucygriffiths Kristen Stewart due on set in Pembs on Weds - her stunt double was filming battle scenes today.

Herding Clouds Horse trailers arriving in convoy plus equestrian stunt team from Spain. Busy times! #SWATH It's the day before filming, grey and windy. Currently armed with a camera heading for the location. Standby for some photos...SWATH On location now, will post photos soon. It's wet and windy, but loads going on. Two helicopters with camera rigs arrived on field. #SWATH The tech crew built this to get the 80+ horses down to the beach. Props of dead + injured horses have been made.
Hello there! From what I can gather from talking to the tech and location guys, Kristen will not be here. Cheers!" Hello! I have spoken to tech and security and I don't believe Kristen will be present. I will find out more tonight. #SWATH Just got back! 1st Unit IS now here, so there IS a chance that Kristen Stewart (as of today) is here. Will know for sure tomorrow.(Marloes Sands Beach, Pembrokeshire in Wales) Filming starts again tomorrow. We will be spending the day here in an attempt to bring you news and photos. #SWATH More props that are used to give the battle a more authentic feel. Even up close those horses are convincing!he war-horses today are looking a lot more tired. Apparently they have only just finished another shoot! These are the bodies that litter the beach during shooting. There is a good chance they will be filming until at least Friday. I'll keep you posted. It's not hard to see why so many people film here. Orange markers for the CGI crew are now on the island.
MrSimonWood"Added last few pics from today to my #SWATH at Marloes set. Can't be there for the filming: good luck to all involved!"

imoviei/BillDarby #SWATH - Shooting on one of the best beaches in THE WORLD http://twitpic.com/6q1je1
#SWATH Location Dept PARTY before Wales shoot - yeh..!picture

More set pics and tweets at  fiercebitchstew Thanks KStewAngel

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