On The Road Trailer Shown at a Private Event in France - Sept 22

ETA: Added more info from @erictherock about the trailer.
Another update regarding OTR trailer (asked byNhess_V) Producer CharleGillibert responds;

"we were 100% focused on the movie (the most important !) But I understand the expectation and we ll do our best in the next weeks.."


KSFranceComFor information, the trailer of #OTR was shown for the line-up of @MK2Cinema , at the Congrès des Exploitants yesterday. via @erictherock
( Trailer de ON THE ROAD de Kerouac par Walter Salles #mk2. Soirée Warner au Congrès des Exploitants)

erictherock For fans who asked me: ON THE ROAD trailer shown Thursday to the French theatre owners. Looked great. Movie'll be in Cannes #kristenstewart
Update! from @Erictherock Read the tweets in French at KSFranceCom
It's the adaptation of Kerouac, right? I don't know what to think but it given very desire to read finally the book.
- But that made very adaptation of a classic. We feel a certain energy in this.
- I do not have a precise memory, but I would say 2min30 easily. It's a quite rhythmic montage that reveals a lot of pictures of the film.
- Above pictures: a voice, probably the main character, who shares his view of the world.
- I seem to have seen mostly the actors and no many girls so no many Kristen Stewart.
- but I may be wrong. After 8 hours of trailers non stop, the brain begins to melt ;-)
Thanks to KSFranceCom for the translation.

@MayLisaAllocine Hello, yes we saw the trailer. The film looks really good but I believe you don't see much of Kristen. But it was just a trailer, you'll definitely see her more. Since she's an important figure of the film! via Robsteners

via KStewAngel "A trailer was shown to a private event in France to showcase the films being distributed by MK2. So hopefully that means it will come out soon."