Pics of Rob in LA - September 26, 2011

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BeardyRob is back! Pecs...UNF..thud.

More pics under the CUT. These are papz photos, if you hate them. Skip the post.
Updated with GossipCop's report on the papz's malicious claim about this incident.

HQs via RPLife and pattinsonlife

GossipCopRobert Pattnison snapped” and “nearly” attacked a paparazzo, according to X17 Online, which supports its shaky allegations with no evidence whatsoever. The site, which has tried this game before, writes that Pattinson left an agency meeting in Los Angeles on Monday “in a very bad mood – and he wasn’t afraid to show it!”

“Our photographer kept a respectful distance as he snapped, but all of a sudden Pattinson snapped, clenching his fists and nearly throwing a punch at the camera,” claims X17. The supposedly heated confrontation only cooled off after Pattinson’s “friend calmed him down and talked some sense into him,” continues the outlet.

X17 protests, “Hey, Rob… no need to go ballistic on us just for being fans!”Um, a couple of things.
First, “fans” do not stalk Pattinson on the streets with cameras.
Second, if there were any truth to this version of events, why didn’t X17 bother to post video?
Or, for that matter, any pictures of the actor looking the least bit combative?

All the site has are a few shots of Pattinson walking – and his eyes aren’t even on the photographer he’s allegedly about to “attack.”

It looks to Gossip Cop like Pattinson doesn’t pay much attention to X17 – and neither should people looking for any actual reporting.