Taylor Talks about Filming his Final Scene with Rob and Kristen in 'Breaking Dawn'

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TheHeraldSun Taylor Lautner finished his scenes this year and admits that saying goodbye to the character that made him a superstar was difficult.

"We would always get sad when we finished filming a little bit, but in the back of our minds we always knew we would be coming back to film another one," he says. "But now knowing there is no more going back to playing Jacob Black is a weird feeling. On the positive side, we get to promote them for the next year and a half so we will be spending time together like that. But when it's all said and done, the biggest thing I have taken from that franchise are my friendships with everybody."

As luck would have it for Lautner, his final scenes were also among his most challenging, particularly as he farewelled Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, both of whom have become his "super close" friends.

"It was tough," he says. "And it didn't help that my last scene with Rob and Kristen was a dancing scene where it is kind of Jacob's last dance with Bella at her wedding.

"It's an emotional scene for Jacob because he is basically saying goodbye to Bella and at the back of my mind I was saying goodbye to them and the franchise.

"And then my very last shot of the franchise was a shot where Jacob thinks Bella has died and he runs into the backyard and falls to the ground and just loses it and starts bawling."

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