Pictures of Kristen -SWATH Set. September 27, 2011



More pics here, including tweets/details from the set.
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HerdingCloudsThe first shot I managed of Kristen in costume. Just before she leads the cavalry charge! Hope you like it! Probably my favourite could feel the excitement in 1st Unit at this . Kristen Stewart next to co-star Chris Hemsworth, who plays the "Huntsman" himself. This is the first time I have seen this costume on set. The bad guys I am guessing. Awesome. As far as I know she was only on set today. Close-ups are probably finished. I think it was a 24 hour visit! :o)

Fanpics Ceri3101 sunansmooncollide"Its pretty cold.. ive just been down to the film set of new snow white movie.. saw Kristen Stewart. i dunno whats up with her hand" via Alice_inTwiland/ patronuska Thanks.

Tweets via HerdingClouds on the SWATH set.
More set pics from Marloes Sands- Battle scene HERE - September 26th
Herding CloudsTiny teaser for you guys! :o) Thank you all for checking out my pics, more coming!

And this is Kristen Stewarts double who has caused a few false sightings over the last few days.

#SWATH War horses lined up on beach in armour, banners flying, preparing for a take! About 60 horses so far! Just done a take! War horses charging through the surf, sounded like thunder! Cries from the riders, resetting now! P.S it's freezing where we are sat on a cliff top above the action. Irish ferry passing armoured war-horses...weird! Second take coming up of beach charge! Photos will be uploaded later, as using digital camera not Blackberry. Utterly incredible take! Ferocious charge through the ocean, shouts filling air. One rider thrown forwards off his mount into Both rider and horse that fell into surf seem ok though. Aerial units taking to the air now, flying low over the scene. Where I stand, the helicopter is hovering below me, maybe 2 metres off the sand, waiting for the next cavalry charge. Moving closer to 1st Unit location...Blackberry battery low! Camera fully charged. Helicopters flying overhead. Been right inside 1st Unit camp on beach. Sat next to directors, AND I have the shots you were all after! Pyrotechnic explosions going off ahead of charging Kristen, moving to cliff position for better shots. The horses amass on the beach ready for the first charge! Shouts fill the air when they finally thunder along. The charge. Those horses are crazy quick, the kit-cars only just staying ahead of the pack! t was pretty dam loud this close to the aerial unit. The horses didn't seem too fazed though! Awesome pilot!! Slowly making my way into 1st Unit. I tell you again the smell from the catering is so awesome!