Peter Facinelli talks about Breaking Dawn and Kristen's Set Wound

OKMag Considering Peter is one busy actor these days, now that Twilight filming has wrapped, he will miss most the scenes “where the whole Cullen family is together.” He added, “I think there is something magical about all of us being dressed up in costumes and doing those scenes. I will miss that because that I know, even if I work with the other actors again, it will be different. There is something really interesting about having all of us together in a room.”

As for the big day itself, he recalled, “There was something magical about that day because everyone kind of got to dress up to the nines and for me it was fun to shed the sweaters for a minute and wear a tuxedo. Who doesn’t love a good party? Who doesn’t love a good wedding? It was kind of like the wedding of a couple of centuries for Carlyle.”

And how about the big baby delivery scene? Despite his doctor role, Peter dished, ”Well, its not a spoiler because its in the books, but Carlisle was out at the time so he did not get to deliver Bella’s baby, but I guess that’s true to life because whenever you have your doctor and he says he is going to be there, he is always on vacation. He’s like, ‘I’ll be there for sure,’ and then you get there and he is on vacation. He is on the 9-hole playing golf.”

Although he was MIA for the on-screen birth, his costar Kristen Stewart got a burn on her stomach once and actually turned him to medical advice! “She spilled something on her belly and a had a little burn so I looked at it for her and I told her to like put some kind of salve on it and I wastelling how to treat it so that it wouldn’t scar or anything. It was funny.”

via KStewAngel

Director Rupert Sanders also mentioned the burn at Comic-Con when he recalled first meeting her on the ‘Breaking Dawn’ set. “I walked into her trailer and she was chewing on a cigarette while dressing her own wound on her stomach. /kstewartnews