Pics of Kristen at the Mulberry Runway Show After Party

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@courtjusticeKristen Stewart in a SS12 jacket and RE12 boots at the Mulberry after party! see pic
NylonMagOk KStew  was indeed at the Mulberry party, wearing a tweed jacket literally snatched from the runway.

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A few more HQs,  fanpics, brief mention from Grazia daily, and tweets after the CUT

Added pics of Kristen arriving at the after-party.

Arriving at the After-Party kstewartfans

HQs via kstewartfans

New pics via kstewartfans


GraziaDaily Absent from the dance floor however was one Miss Kristen Stewart who chose the safety of a back room to hang out with Kelis and probably have her fill of a few fish and chips while there.

@toludaaleyemi Just left #Mulberry @ Claridges.Kelis, Kristen S, Irina, hot dogs, burgers, fish and chips, blow up animals, fairground
@emmahunt Kristen's just necked her drink and left #Mulberryparty. Happy to report Kristen Stewart is lovely and not mardy at all.
@moremagazine: Kristen's chowing down on fish 'n' chips and a bottle of beer! She's with her gaggle of girlfriends and a handsome bloke that's not R-Patz.
@flippyluv no the bodyguard was there also, he probs was an assistant or something tho!
@moremagazine: OMG K-Stew is in the building! We're at the Mulberry LFW party. She's purty. Em H x
@NylonMag En route to Mulberry bash at Claridge's, the hotel that would have probably hosted Kate Middleton's Sweet 16..
AmyMillerxx Kristen Stewart and #Mulberry's creative director Emma Hill at #Mulberry's #lfwparty! via mandytav

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On a lighter note. Coolspotters identified Rob's large trolley bag as a Mulberry. lol Loving the connection.