New 'On The Road' BTS Pic. Scans from US Mag BD Special Edition

Beatnik Bootcamp
Kristen talked about Vietnam and what war does to people, and Garrett read some of his poetry, which was pretty good!" says Nicosia.
Stewart and costar Garrett watched videos and listened to old tapes of the Beats. "In the evening, we'd drink and share stories." Nicosia
"Kristen struck me as very very bright." Nicosia tells US. "Quiet but intense. She listened more than talk."

Its from Us Weekly so you might just want to enjoy the photos. lol The Julia Jones quotes, I think may be true.

More scans from Us Breaking Dawn Special Edition - after the CUT

Scans via epnebelle US Cover via carinaolsen

Previously posted pics from the 'On The Road' Set/Beatnik Bootcamp. Last one is a pap photo.