Anna Kendrick in Awe of How Kristen and Rob Handle Fame

iVillage Have you learned anything from Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart about dealing with the media attention?
I have no idea how they stay sane with all that kind of attention. I know, knock wood, I’ve been able to avoid that kind of thing. I’m just in awe of their ability to handle that stuff.

Breaking Dawn Part 1 comes out in November, and it's your last Twilight film. How do you feel?
At the end of the shoot, it felt celebratory. It wasn’t sad. It was like a job well done. It was also like 5 a.m. It was a long night and we were just sort of glad that everyone managed to make it through five movies without losing any toes to frostbite. I’m sure I’ll feel nostalgic once the movie comes out, but mostly it’s exciting that we made it through without any serious injuries.

Everyone’s talking about the wedding scene. What was that like?
There has been so much build-up about it. But I’m sure that if I say a word about it, (the movie company) will have me killed. So, I will just say I hope we look warm because we were all really cold.
She also talks about Breaking Dawn Part 1. Full interview at iVillage

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Taylor's 'Abduction' premiere is happening tonight so... Congratulations and best of luck to you, man! 
So happy and proud for Taytay!