Rob, Kristen and Taylor's Interview with OK! Mag Philippines - Nov 2011
Cute excerpts.
Kristen on the concept of marriage: "I am sappy person. I like the idea of people committing to one another for the rest of their lives, all of that."
On love "It is just nice to think that your version of love, and I am sure that everyone feels this way, is better than everyone else's. It is the strongest that ever was and it is all between us. It is like a secret. It is fun to have a secret.It makes you feel special."

Rob on his new haircut (fresh from the Cosmopolis shoot)
" I just finished a movie with David Cronenberg. It was a thing called Cosmopolis. Believe it or not my hair looked a lot worse in the movie.[laughs]

What will you be missing from the whole Twilight experience?
Kristen: (...) I do not feel remorseful in any way, like we missed something. It is all there. I am not really going to miss these guys.
Robert and Taylor: You are not going to miss us?
Kristen: No, I am not going to have to miss you.[laughs]

Thanks again to CarmelaP for sending in the scans. Some parts are similar to the Candy Magazine interview, done by the same reporter.