Breaking Dawn Paris Fan Event -Master Post

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@CourtJustice Rob Pattinson looking extra dashing today for the #BDParis fan event wearing @DolceGabbana! Ashley Greene in #allblackeverything Givenchy head-to-toe.
October 23, 2011 - Breaking Dawn Fan Event at the Gaumont Opéra Capucines. 6-7PM Paris time.

Check out the Vids HERE 
HQs via RPLife and pattinsonlife Thanks so much.

Tons of HQs, fan pictures, and tweets, all under the CUT

Rob Solo Pics - Photocall

Rob and Ashley - Photocall

Red Carpet

Inside/Leaving the Theater

Fan Pictures

Thanks to Denisa

Tweets LoveTheStew Rob: "Twilight changed my life". He can't stop drinking water lol :p ! He tried to translate himself , so funny. He doesn't want to sing us a song lol. " Kristen is incredibly lucky to have you Rob" he smiled cute. Delivering the baby was the most funny thing. "They love us" Rob to Ashley about us lol. A poster where it was written " for Bear , Kristen and the english boyfriend" and he LAUGHED so much ! pic here

SomeLostBliss One girl mentioned kristen. Said kristen was a very lucky girl before asking her question. One girl asked if rob could sing a song for us. He refused saying he was embarrassed. We saw some new BTS stuff.. EB kissing in the kitchen, kristen on Rob's back for the waterfall scene. Edward asking from behind a door if Bella was feeling okay. (When she is in the bathroom and realizes she's pregnant). Half of those supposed 10mns were small interviews of Nikki (LMAO the joke), [..]and some part w/ kristen. There was also one moment when Bella was laying on some bed, stroking her big belly. Another part with Edward pushing Jacob against a wall. they showed some BTS of Rob lifting Kristen up on the beach just like he does when they enter the house on Isle Esme.

@Lubiie During the fan event, a girl ask Rob to sing and i was so embarrassed he didn't do it. Another girl give him a gift, it supposed to be a hat... Ashley answered first usually to the questions (courtesy) and Rob didn't know what to answer because Ashley already said it... he was so cute. He tryed to translate in his head a question of a french fan but he had the wrong translation. The other questions was classic.
Rob tried to translate a question which he understood as 'what's your favorite type of cream?' he then forgot about it & answered 'my hair'

@Pattinson_Fr Rob stayed a long time on the red carpet. Took pictures with fans and signed autographs. h looked so good with goatee

@georgiedavey: ROB SPOKE FRENCH. What is my life!?! I'm flailingggg.
@LoveInTuscany: Both very generous. Even wrote autographs when coming out the back door. Looked stunning!
AnneMary83 some1 asked him whats his fav song/singer, we all said "Van Morrison", he laughed and said "actually im gonna say one of my friend, Marcus Foster" i was like "awwwwwwww"

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