Rob and Kristen in Star Club Mag - France

Scans and transcript via KristenstewartFrance
Thanks to my sweetie, Libenet for Kristen's translation 

Star Club: First of all, how would you explain the craziness around Twilight?
Kristen Stewart: Young people are fascinated by vampires because they’re creatures that evolve between 2 worlds; living and dead. I'm not saying that teens are the undead, but usually, at that age, we give the impression to be torn between two worlds where we just can’t find our place. The childhood world and the grown-up world. In Twilight, Bella is looking for an impossible love, an idealized love.

SC: How do you handle your stardom?
It’s not really the fame that bothers me, but more the way people talk about it and also the way we (actors) are perceived. People think that, just because we’re famous, we have ambitions/desires different from theirs. If they only knew. All we want is to have friends, a good quality of life and some interesting projects (to work on). Just like everyone! People have to stop thinking that when I go back home, all the door handles are in gold, and that I’m paying someone to make sure the water in my bath is the right temperature.

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SC: How do you see the post-Twilight ?
I’m in this stage, in my career, where I feel the need to be artistically independent. Don’t get me wrong; I’ll never disown Bella or Twilight. It’s just a natural evolution of my career.

SC: What are you going to miss most from Twilight?
The atmosphere on the set, my friends, the complicity we have with the technicians. This is a big family, you know!

SC: And the least?
To play Bella, I had to wear brown contact lenses. Because in SM’s book, the heroine's eyes brown while in real life, mine are green! Every hour, an ophthalmologist had to put some drops in my eyes. So I wouldn’t have some allergic reaction or something !

SC: You seem to be a very calm person! What makes you angry? If it happens at all ...
KS: (Laughs) Hateful, racist, stupid statements/comments. When I hear people criticize without knowing why and how it makes me boil inside.

SC: Do you have panic-room at home? Like in that movie you played in, as a child, with Jodie Foster?
No! No panic-room or guard dog, nor towers, nor Malabar... I don’t have guns either, because I am a non-violent girl. But I do fear to be murdered by Twitter. One day ppl will know my address and I’ll be shot dead! (laughs)

SC: What is the latest gossip about you that made you cry with laughter?
I do not read the tabloids. But I was told about this crazy rumor. A journalist said that, since I started playing Bella in Twilight, I was planning on raising wolves!

SC: What is the “reputation” that the media gave you and that you hate the most?
It was sometimes said that I’m a distant, cold person. In fact, I am very shy. I feel uncomfortable in the interview because I have to talk about myself. And you have know yourself to be able to talk about it. At this point in my life, I feel that there is still a lot of gray areas in me!

Rob's interview - Translation via  RPLife 
1) How was the last day on set?
This last day in Canada marked a break from the two previous weeks that were horrible and sad when it came to the weather. It was so cold. For the last day, we finally had some sun and it was nice. Then for the last scene, we got to film on a beach, facing the ocean. There are worse work conditions.

2) How was the mood on set?
It was really nice. There were more than a hundred people for the last scene, which was great. I’d already done my biggest scenes with Kristen so we were able to relax. Like I said, we had nice weather so it was a nice way to end everything.

3) How do you feel now that everything is over?
I don’t really realize it. I’ve been part of this journey for a while now and it didn’t register yet with me that it’s almost over. Even if we finished shooting, we’re still promoting the movie, it’s being talked about so I’m still immersed in it. Maybe in a year, I’ll have moved on.

4) Are you worried of being pigeonholed as Edward?
Yes and no. it’s true that by playing Edward, I played a character that is atypical. It’s not every day you play a vampire. I know that people compare me to him a lot & that there is a risk of only getting offered vampire roles but in the last 2 years I’ve played in other movies that were from a different genre.

5) Would you like to produce?
Why not but I’d rather work in screenwriting, I don’t feel ready to tell stories yet but rather help others put theirs into form and go inside their universe. I like that a lot.

6) In the fourth film you become a dad, was that weird?
Not really, holding a baby isn’t too hard. Now playing a dad isn’t something you prepare for it's definitely something new when you’re not a father but you star to react naturally when you hold a baby in your arms. You feel like protecting it. But when Mackenzie Foy started playing Renesmee (our daughter) older, it was weirder. I told myself, ‘we have a 11 years old daughter.’ *laughs*

7) Are you living a dream?
I’m living a life that I would have never even dreamed of. Even though in some ways, it helped me become the adult that I am today. I’ve met people that share the same passion and this is amazing. Working with people who invest themselves as much as I do into their work is wonderful.

Only for Star Club

The scene that marked Rob the most is the birthing scene. Indeed, like his character in the book, he has to open her  with his own teeth. Even if it was fake, he’s still not over it. He still asks himself today if the baby that  was in the scene wasn’t traumatized as well.

The BIG question!
Do Edward and Bella finally have sex?

It’s so funny how people constantly talk about this scene. Like in the books it’s an intimate and sensual moment and maybe the scene in the movie won’t meet people’s fantasies! It’s crazy; I don’t think there’s ever been as much hype in any other movie about a sex scene.