BD Paris Fan Event Videos

Red Carpet Interview. Rob talked about BD, Bill Condon, and the fans.
Love when he talked to the camera. Win!

Videos from the Red Carpet and Q and A -Tons of New Vids Added all under the CUT
*Rob talks about Edward's back story*

Questions asked during the Fan Event. Hoping for more Q and A vids
Translation: pattinsonlife
1 What is the role of your dreams? The one you always wanted interpreter?
2 We can consider that edward and alice are nice, would love you to explore a darker sideof your characters
3 How did you feel the last day of filming of the saga
4 What is your favorite part of the saga
5 each director of the sage asked you to exceed your limits: what was the hardest thing to do on all the adventure twilight
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Q and A Snippet
Rob and Ash answers Q#2. Rob talks about Edward's back story at 0:45.

Rob: "...Twilight changed my life" Awww

End of Q and A

Red Carpet
Rob reacts to @LiveTheStew's gift lol

Arrival at the fan event

Watch Video HERE and HERE
Videos: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 via RPLife and @Victoria1985