Rob's Interviews with VTM and DH -Belgium

Ingterview with VTM (Brussels press junket)- starts at 2:50. So cute.

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Red Carpet interview with

Translation starts up at 1:13
Robert Pattinson won't lie, his life completely changed.
Definitely, I mean I was just sitting around in London before and now I'm in Belgium with lots of people screaming at me. It's like the opposite of the life I had before.

Ashley, what is it like hanging out with Robert, seeing as you're living the dream of some many girls.
I think it's a different experience for me as it is for them. He's like an extended brother. But it's very funny, I have to say that he is the same peron as he was before. He's absolutely hysterical so it's very, very fun.  All youtube vids via RPLife