R/K Fanvid: Lead Me Into the Light. Twi-inspired Composition and Belle Brigade'sI didn't mean it'

Fiorels90 Dedicates this to birthday girl, Jess/Honeybuzy Happy birthday bb!
Song: ET - Katy Perry (Cover by Conor Maynard)

And I just need to share this with you, an original by RobertPeeters 'Giving You My Heart'. Its a  Twilight-inspired composition and Robert shares, "I tried to capture Bella’s feelings when she marries Edward." I hope you guys like it.

I also love his cover of Yiruma's 'River Flows in You' Also check out his YouTube Channel
This one is for you Khou! Video is under the CUT with another song from the Breaking Dawn soundtrack, 'I Didn't Mean it' by Belle Brigade' (the vidclip is on autoplay, click to pause as you listen to the other videos)

From the Breaking Dawn Part Original Soundtrack - 'I Didn't Mean it' by Belle Brigade

RollingStone Brother-sister duo the Belle Brigade didn't set out to write "I Didn't Mean It" for the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 soundtrack, but it came out ideally suited to the mood of the hyper-romantic vampire flick. "We wrote 'I Didn't Mean It' while housesitting for our friend with a piano," says frontwoman Barbara Gruska. "We pretty much wrote the whole song in a few hours, which is a lot faster than usual. We were really excited about the song when we wrote it, and it kind of sat around for a little while until we were asked for material for Twilight. The song is about jealousy, so it works well with the whole Twilight love triangle."