Full HQ Video of the BD Paris Q and A

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Thanks Sallesobscures *Warning* Lower your volume first, then adjust. lol

Rob talks about Edward's back story at 4:00; "Twilight changed my life" at 6:55; Dream role "I just want a part where I get to shoot someone" at 13:37; Rob tries to translate the question at 14:42, "What creams you use on your face" lol and talks about Edward's hair; Rob receives a gift at 18:00; Fans asked Rob and Ashley to sing at 18:43, Rob asked for spoons as musical instrument, said he's embarrassed and "sorry" at 19:21; Rob was asked about his fave song and Marcus mention at 21:55, Rob smiles at fan's comment "Kristen is one lucky, lucky girl" at 22:15.

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The first questions posed to s players were the five issues that had been selected on the official Facebook page of the film. Both players have been questioned particularly on the dark side of their respective characters, what it gave them to play such characters on the screen. The answers are translated afterwards, so a lot of wasted time, but especially allows players to drink between each question.

The second part of the panel then allows fans in the room, after many hours of waiting, finally able to ask their questions to Robert and Ashley . We'll let you judge the quality of questions:

What were your best / worst memories of filming?
Can you sing a song with Ashley?
What is your favorite song?
What was the scene the wildest / funniest though you had to shoot?
The interview has lasted a little less time than expected, although our final assembly does not necessarily reflect its actual duration.