Fan Pictures of Rob at the Brussels Fan Event

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Thanks to Nikki/HollandGirl for sending in her pictures. I also included here, Kristen's W Magazine that Rob signed. Lucky Nikki!  And I'm posting this gif again via mfoc's Tumblr. Woot! 


More of HollandGirl/Nikki's photos and her fan account under the CUT

For the peeps who wants to know more, here is my detailed fanaccount:
I was there at 12.30 PM (I planned to arrive at 11.30 AM, but my train was delayed blah blah blah) and there already were some people. But it was very unclearly where Rob exactly would come. But after a while we found out. So we stood second row at the red carpet (which was a pretty great place). And then the waiting started...
At 6.30 PM Rob and Ashley arrived. It took a while before he was close to me, because I was standing in the corner of the red carpet. But I knew Rob is always so generous to fans, so I also knew that he would walk the WHOLE red carpet and I just needed to wait. And of course he did! This man is so amazingly sweet for his fans! Unbelievable!!! Really signing every autograph (and not only for the people front row, but also second and even third row). And then he came closer and closer and I was standing there, with my W magazine above my head, while I got pushed at every side… I chose the W magazine, just because I was so curious what his reaction would be like! And of course because it’s a beautiful mag IMO. And then he did sign my W magazineee! :) <3 Sadly I couldn’t really see his face very well while he signed it, because there were so many arms around me. But I think I saw a little smirk… Later I spoke with a girl who was inside the fanevent, waiting for Rob, and she told me that they could watch on a big screen what happened on the Red Carpet. And on that big screen they showed him signing my W mag AND she saw him smile when he saw it, hihi! So the answer to your questions ladies: probably he did smile about it! But hey, of course it's impossible for Rob to resist a smile when he sees this supersexy beauty, which is his girlfriend... After that Rob went inside, we fans were able to see the fanevent on a big screen outside, too! After the fanevent Rob walked in a straight line to his car (not stopping to take any pics) And I absolutely can’t blame him for that, I'm sure he was very tired! And after that I came home and saw that my signed W magazine is world-famous! Really really world-famous LOL It’s reblogged on hundreds of blogs. I’m kind of blown away by that. But I think all the Robstenfans love the idea of Rob putting his autograph (and in some way also his ‘possession’) on everything Kristen-related thing, haha! And so did I, that’s exactly the reason why I choose this magazine to let him sign it… Ooh man, I’m still hyper and excited about it. And I think this will never go away. Like TR said to me last night, this is a lifetime-experience!!