Julia Jones talks about Kristen's 21st Birthday

Photobucket EOnLine-MarcMalkin You may have heard about Kristen Stewart's combined 21st birthday bash and Breaking Dawn wrap party back in the spring.

Well it turns out, Stewart tried to put the kibosh on celebrating her big day. Why?

"There was a huge cake for her, but she didn't want it to be about her birthday; she wanted it to be about the wrap party," Breaking Dawn's Julia Jones told us at last night's Burberry Body event in Beverly Hills. "So they didn't bring it out."

But her costars wouldn't hear of it. "At a certain point, myself and a few other people were like, 'Wait a minute. Where is Kristen's cake?'" Jones said. "We went back into the kitchen and demanded they bring the cake out. It was quite a scene."

Stewart finally gave in. "She was totally fine," Jones said. "But I understand, because the wrap party was a big deal. I'm very shy about my birthday also. You don't want any more attention."

If there's one thing K.Stew probably doesn't desire more of, it's attention.