Kristen in Glamour (France) December 2011

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While "Twilight" is ending (The first part is coming out this year and the second next year), she's getting ready to give up the role of the vampire's fiancé and to resume the normal course of her career. She's 21, is popular amongst the public and the industry, She has the face and the destiny of a star... Everything is starting now for Kristen Stewart. Meet the girl that has a great career ahead of her.

We loved her before Twilight. We will keep on loving her after. Unlike her co-star Robert Pattinson (and her boyfriend in real life but shhhh, it's still a secret), Kristen Stewart had already made her mark on the world of cinema with her translucent skin and her gracious discomfort before the Twilight hysteria. The mixture of authority and apprehension, the strength of intellect, the fire under the ice, the obvious maturity... All of that was already impressive in 'Panic Room' (David Fincher, 2002), in which she played, literally, a younger Jodie Foster (her daughter). The spectral appearances that followed - A seductress in Into the Wild (2008), a fanciful redneck in 'Undertow' (2004) - confirmed what we already knew: this girl has sex-appeal and a promising career ahead of her. And then it happened... The vampires bit, the box office exploded and the world lost its sanity. For fours years, Kristen had been living the extreme violence of media exposure that, despite her efforts to divert attention, (some roles in indie movies that nobody saw) took control over her private/professional life and prevents her from hoping for an "after Twilight". "I have the feeling that I became boring" she confessed while pulling at the sleeves of her hoodie, embarrassed. "All of my conversations start with Twilight. I just want to scream: 'That's crazy! I can't do anything with my life!' But I pull myself together and I tell myself: 'My God, Kristen, shut up.'"

Together, her and Rob became massive stars overnight. They had to realize later, sadly, that you can never be prepared for that kind of success. We saw them standing uncomfortably in the middle of huge crowds, smiling awkwardly to photographs - when they wanted to smile. We saw them mumble, stumble, get up and mature, until they managed (quite skillfully) to stifle their relationship off screen. Rob didn't have to put his career on hold but Kristen did. "I love Bella, my character, and the oportunity to see how she's evolving, but it was a decision that I found hard to make," she realizes today. "I knew how popular the books were and what I was getting myself into. Well, I didn't really know... I was surprised to learn that Bella would be my only outlook, to the point of eclipsing - Without badly playing on words - all the movies I had done before. I know a lot of actors who don't have to deal with this 'other person' that helps creating a phenomenon like Twilight. This 'other person", it's the idea that people have of you and the image created of you by the media with red carpets and stuff. It's something that doesn't really belong to me." Kristen is as charming in real life as she is on screen, she has the same teenage severity in her eyes, this way of reflecting on her face, only what she wants you to know. She continues: "But I have the feeling that the peak of hysteria is over, that everything is gonna end soon. At least it's gonna slow down with the last two movies of the saga coming out. I'll be able to invent a new personality soon!"

Kristen VS Bella
She says it with a smile on her face but we feel like she needs to break free, to test herself. Everything has been a little too easy for Kristen up till now. Her mom being a scrip supervisor and her father a stage manager and television producer, she became an actress at the age of 9. "I grew up on set and at the beginning, it used to make me laugh to be behind the camera. I had no natural inclination, I fell into it." Same for Twilight. It might have taken a while for producers to find who was going to play Edward Cullen, but Kristen was, from the beginning, the unique choice of producers for the character of Bella and the author, Stephenie Meyer. Kristen says: 'When I read Twilight at the age of 17, around the age of the character, I loved it. I could relate to Bella. She looks like me and she speaks the same way as I do. Rob had to change the tone of his voice to play Edward!" She acts like she's feeling bad for him but she'd like to play a role as well that challenges her. "It's for these reasons that I chose movies like Welcome to the RIleys or the Runaways. I would have gone crazy if I hadn't played different characters!"

A life after the vampires?
She celebrated her 21th birthday (Age of the majority in the US) the day of the Breaking Dawn wrap party. "It was awesome, It didn't feel like I was the birthday girl considering we were all celebrating something." Does she feel better now than when everything started? "Yeah! It's crazy to realize that all the fears I had at the beginning are all almost gone." Even her fear to be considered a tomboy, ("I grew up with my brothers and, when I was younger, I was trying way too hard to convince myself I was really a girl.") has giver way to an assumed and radiant feminity. A lot of actors that have spend years on popular franchises have a hard time reinventing themselves in the public eye. But it's unlikely that Kristen is suffering from the Elijah Wood syndrom. As an after Twilight, she's now fikming "Snow White and the Huntsman", an alternative version of the Brothers Grimm's fairytale where the princess becomes a warrior. She'll also pursue her career with On the Road, the adaption of Kerouac's famous book
filmed by Walter Salles. As if the past four years had not existed.. anything else? "I'd love to direct a movie, I'm itching to do it. I'm happy to be an actress, but I still have a lot of things to do." It seems that we've barely seen anything from her yet.