What Makes Edward ideal?

I keep asking myself; why is Edward so ideal? He is supposed to be a freak of nature! Someone we totally fear and resist. He is the apple; the forbidden fruit, for God's sake! I won't discuss Edward in the book, I will focus mainly on how he was represented in the movie. I will try to find out how he penetrated our defensive shields..we are supposed to be mature, accomplished women of the world, aren't we? Let's see:

1- His smile when he first entered the cafeteria was definitely the first blow.
2- He genuinely showed intensest in listening to Bella.
"I'm sure I could keep up."
3- He really wanted to know what's going on in her little head. "I'm trying to figure you out."
4- He is evasive but not a liar, " It's the florescence." & "I had an adrenaline rush", "it's very common, you can google it." "What if I'm not the hero, what if I'm the bad guy," "I'm on a special diet."
5- He is sensitive, " I'm sorry, I have to be rude, but it's better that way."
6- He cares about Bella's safety. prevents the accident, saves her from harassers and at the end from James.
7- He is funny: " Yes, no, to get to the other side,1.72445"
8- He likes the fact that Bella is smart. "you knew that?"
9- He is honest about his feelings: "I can't stay away from you any more."
10- He is truthful. "I can read every mind in this room," "a while," my family we are different from others of our kind, we only hunt for the blood of animals..."
11- Watching Bella sleep is fascinating to him.
12- He carries Bella around and almost always have his protective arms around her.
13- He takes her dad's permission to take her out, proudly introduces her to his family.
14- He likes music, dancing, plays the piano and loves to share his personal enjoyments with Bella.
15- He composes a song specially for Bella and plays it just for her.
16- He wants Bella to enjoy her life and go through all the memorable experiences a girl would cherish.
17- He would gladly sacrifice his life to make her safe.
18- He thinks changing Bella would be a selfish act.
19- He would gladly stay with Bella even if she is old.
20- He would abstain from any physical contact with her as long as she lives.
21- He is played by Robert Pattinson who makes me believe all of the above.
Have I forgotten something? those reasons are based on a Twilight replay in my head and an attempt to convince myself they are sane justifications for my obsessions:)
Ah! I almost forgot; sparkling was just the cherry on top! (PG reasons lol)