Bella is Knitting? Or Is It Kristen?

It seems that Bella Swan is indeed knitting while Edward drives his (blah) Black Volvo, uhmm, I don't remember Bella taking on the hobby in Eclipse. Well, I haven't chanced upon the script anyway.
Do you think, she is knitting a beanie for Edward or is Kristen doing this while Rob is practicing how to drive in reverse? (which is super funny, check out
Robsessed.) Kristen might have taken this hobby to de-stress on set. Many stars are into knitting like Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz.

Oh alright, if not a beanie, maybe a new bedspread, seriously guys do you think she'll keep the purple bedspread- though gorgeous, till Eclipse? maybe a hoodie for Robward. I know you have crazy ideas, maybe you wanna share them lol.

Thanks to Robsessed and Natpov.