Rob Out of "Dune" - Bel Ami Still A Go

Gossip Cop reports "There has been enormous speculation over the past two days about which films Robert Pattinson will do and which he will not.

In a series of threads on IMDB, for example, fans wondered whether it was true that Pattinson had been recast or dropped out of the film “Bel Ami,” in which he plays an immoral man named George Duroy, based on the short story by Guy de Maupassant. While many thought that he was recast/bowed out because of scheduling issues, Gossip Cop can confirm that Pattinson is still slated to make that movie.

But what about Pattinson re-making “Dune,” a rumor which set Twitter atwitter? While it’s true that Peter Berg remains intent on doing a re-make of the 1984 film that starred Kyle MacLachlan, Robert Pattinson will NOT be in the film, a source close to the actor tells Gossip Cop.

So it’s one in and one out for Pattinson."
I just hope this is true. I have seen the original Dune and I am not a fan. I have seen it when Kyle MacLachlan was young and tastier ( what's happening to my adjectives, I dunno) and there is no "kick" to it. Don't get me wrong, I love sci-fi. I am an avid fan of Star Wars, X-Files, but Dune was no fun for me. I dearly hope Rob is out of this project. I am looking forward for better roles for him, Bel Ami will do and may be something light and funny like "The Proposal" or "Two Weeks Notice"- oooh a Sandra Bullock movie can do wonders for our Rob. Believe me I see him being romantic and funny in a movie. He was a riot as Art in How To Be, he can pull off anything.