Rob & Kristen Seem to Make Each Other Happy

Still don’t believe that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are a happy couple in real life? Just ask a few of the locals in Vancouver who have the fun job of serving the entire Eclipse gang: The very discreet team from The Awful Truth blog on E! had the chance to do a little digging on Robsten with the hostesses at a local spot where the Twilighters like to dine.
Check out the rest of the exchange, where the hostess says “everyone knows” Robsten the couple is a cold hard fact.

A.T.: How about Rob and Kristen, what is their dynamic like?
Hostess One: Doesn’t everyone just know that they’re dating?

A.T.: Uh, you’d be surprised how many don’t want to believe it.
Hostess Two: Oh, well everyone here knows. They are the only cast members who will come in alone a lot. You can just tell by looking at them. They’re really cute together, always smiling.

A.T.: Love it! Hate to say it though, but “smiling” and “Kristen Stewart” seem unlikely to be in the same sentence together.
Hostess One: No way. She is incredibly sweet — I’d be a bitch, too, if there were cameras constantly in my face. But she’s great, and so is Rob. They just seem to make each other happy. Ok!

I just hate it when people accuse Kristen to be "cold" and unsmiling. She has always been sweet to fans, I can't even recall one instance that she was bitchy to anyone. Papz dont' count, ok? They can be very rude.
Good thing there are in instances like these that proves how sweet she really is.