The Twilight Chemistry of Rob and Kristen

Our reader Maia sent this picture via email days ago and luckily I chanced upon the article that confirms the above quotes. I am guessing Catherine Hardwick. Since we are all addicts for anything Bella and Edward and of course, Rob and Kristen, I have gotta share this with you.
This was from a set visit by MTV and Catherine Hardwick interview from the early days of Twilight production. Things are a LOT different then, they were inviting media left and right and doing a lot marketing for Stephenie Meyer's best seller series while Hardwick and company were crossing their fingers that their little movie will follow through somehow with the success of the books.

Here are just some of the most interesting Rob-Kris parts, which I know you will all love to know.

"Robert Pattinson and co-star Kristen Stewart are lying side-by-side on the dewy grass, caressing each other's cheeks and attempting to create "Romeo and Juliet"-like intimacy despite a dozen crewmembers who bob and weave around them just barely out of frame.

"We sat around my dining-room table for, like, two entire nights with the script," explained the 18-year-old, who plays Bella in the film.

"Two nights?" Pattinson shot back. "It was more than two nights!"

"Well, it was actually all preproduction," Stewart said of their attempts to capture a romance seen by some as the iconic love story of their generation. "But there were two nights that we were actually, like, productive."

"Take after take concludes with the same sequence of events: Hardwicke steps in to give her thoughts, the young actors pair off (usually in the same groupings as their decades-long lovers in the film), and Stewart hops up on the workbench to have a moment alone. Since the scene ends with Bella in the backseat of Carlisle's Mercedes, being driven away from Edward, Stewart ends each shot with a tear so dependable you could set your watch to it.

No one bothers Stewart between takes as she comes back from whatever place she has to go to find her sorrow. On almost every occasion, it is Pattinson who will eventually walk over, give her shoulder a light rub, and bring her back for the next take. If chemistry is a concern to the "Twilight" fans, they can sleep well from here on out. "

It is touching to know that Rob even then, cared and looked after her co-star Kristen. We all know that he is such a gentleman. This article just confirms it and more.