Rob: 10 Reasons Why KStew Is His Lover

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Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have fueled a tabloid frenzy over the nature of their relationship. Are they lovers, or just very close friends?

If the two were involved in a romance, it would be the biggest Hollywood hookup in recent memory. Over the years certain Tinsletown romances have captured the attention of the nation.

10. Michael Angarano and KStew have Split.

The cause for the split according to the OK magazine was Robert. Once again, neither Kristen nor Michael have confirmed the rumors. But there is one piece of evidence to suggest it’s true. Michael and Kristen have not been seen together for some time now. In contrast, Rob and Kristen are spending more and more off-screen down-time together.

9. Rob and Kristen Seem Inseperable
Their lives have become inextricably intertwined, not only because they are filming movies together, but because their experiences are so closely parallel. Probably no one can understand either of them at this point, like they can understand each other. In other words, circumstances have drawn them together.

8. Rob is possessive; Kristen is a One-Man Woman.
"There's not too many similarities between Edward and me," Rob said in one interview. "But I'm quite similar in his bad points: I'm quite possessive and a bit of a loner."
Kristen shares a similar trait. She was in a committed relationship with Angarano for four years, which says a lot about her character. Plus, if she is in a relationship with Rob, it has developed slowly. She obviously doesn’t take these kinds of things lightly.

7. Rob is awkward with girls and likes them to be normal.
Rob, 23, says he was perplexed after reading the “Twilight” book series. "After reading the books I’ve been asking myself, 'Why do women act like that? Why do they behave like that, especially younger girls?" he asked. "They turn into freaks when it comes to boys. I like normal girls who don’t pretend to be anything else."

6. Both Rob and Kristen smoke cigarettes.
While this may seem inconsequential, if one of them smoked and the other didn’t it would almost certainly be a relationship killer.

5. Rob is not a lady's man.
Rob and Kristen’s relationship, if real, has developed precisely along those lines. As his co-star and workmate, Kristen may not be a girl he should like. But they two seem to have fallen into their relationship gradually, after they got to really know each other.

4. Rob like sgirls who are not afraid to be themselves.
That sounds like Kristen up and down. She has always been independent, serious about her career and determined to play roles in films that have meaning. She hasn’t played the Hollywood game and isn’t someone who would fit the definition of a “celebrity.”

3. Rob is drawn to strong women.
"Even though it sounds odd, I like self confidence," he says. "What's strange is that I mostly like strong girls, but with them, I have the most problems." Rob thinks girls prefer bad boys over nice guys, but insists he is always a gentleman. "Even when I don’t follow every rule, I think I’m a gentleman," he says. "I don’t tell [a girl] how she has to be for me. I don’t want her to change herself for me."

2. Rob and Kristen definitely have a strong sexual chemistry.
Speaking of the chemistry between Rob and Kristen, “Twilight” Director Catherine Hardwicke said in an interview with New York magazine: "With Robert it was abundantly apparent that they had sexual chemistry. It was like the first moment they met, you could just feel it." Indeed, ask any woman or man, and sexual chemistry is critical to a relationship.

1. Their fans want them to be together.
Nearly 60,000 fans, or 98 percent of those who voted in’s online poll, either think Rob and Kristen are already in a serious relationship or want them to be together.

Wow! Great analysis by the Improper. It's obvious that they are also passionate about our RobSten. Sorry guys, I had to just get the excerpts believe me, the actual article is longer lol.