True Blood's Stephen Moyer "Pattinson Is Not Competition"

True Blood star Stephen Moyer has insisted that he does not view Twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson as competition.

The HBO series, which co-stars Anna Paquin, has frequently been compared to the Twilight movie franchise because both projects feature vampires as main characters.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Moyer said: "No, [he is not competition]. I could be his dad. I'd have to have started young but...

"I think there are worse things for a teen to be enraptured with than Twilight. I can understand why you would give someone that book and say, this is good, it's about a chaste love affair, please fall in love with Robert Pattinson."

He added: "Our show's very different, of course, and has its place. Although sometimes I'll get 10 or 11 year olds coming up and asking for my autograph, and I say, 'Have you seen that show?' and they go, 'Yeah, love it'.

"I couldn't sit in the same room as my mother and watch that show. I mean, it's seriously racy."
Hey guys! Stephen Moyer is right. No need to fret. No need to hate True Blood. Have you seen the HBO series? Well, I did, I mean I tried because I am/was still high on anything "vampire". I even watched "Interview with the Vampire" again just to satifsy my "thirst", pardon the pun. Well, back to True Blood, aside from having vampires as a common theme between the TV show and Twilight, there is no other thing that they are in common with. And yes, as Stephen Moyer puts it, it IS racy, and it is on TV, oh okay, cable whatever but still. It's so uncomfortable watching it with your family. Call me uptight, I don't care, anyway.
Like I said I tried watching the show and I think I was able to reach till the 4th or 5th episode and yeah, it is interesting, good acting from Anna Paquin, but all I can think of is to watch Twilight again. I missed Edward and Bella's sweetness and feel and sound of Twilight. Anyways, don't mind me, I am no good in reviewing True Blood since I am a trueblue Twi-fan and will eternally be biased.
Btw, Mr Moyer, no need to tell people to "please fall in love with Robert Pattinson" -it is already a "given". Maybe you would want girls "not" to fall in love with our Robward so there will be left for you and your show. Ouch! Peace out.