Rob: "I Went Nuts".

Robert Pattinson admits he went “nuts” when he first had to deal with the pressures of fame — but insists he’s now learning to come to terms with being Hollywood’s hottest young star.

The British actor — who shot to fame as vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight movie franchise — says being followed by fans is “a strange thing to deal with but I try not to think negatively about it because it can drive you crazy.”

“At one point I did go nuts and a little bit paranoid but then you learn to deal with things. I’m coming to terms with it,” he added.

Rob, 23, says the worst part of becoming the world’s number one heartthrob is not being able to see all the cities he gets to travel to while promoting his movies. “I love to travel and experience new places but I can’t really walk down the street these days,” he dished. “I’m driven around a bit but that’s it.”

“I do consider myself a very romantic person,” Britain’s Now magazine quoted the star as saying. “I see love as an evolution of true friendship.” source

Sigh. The prize of fame...I can always see Rob just walking away from all these. I just have this gut feeling that one day - he might just do that. I mean seek hiatus or go on an unlimited Sabbatical. Well, I am always wrong anyways...