Eclipse: Dark As Edward's Skin is Pale

To find out how dark Eclipse will be, we'll have to wait until the movie actually comes out.

But Twi-screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg says there's absolutely no doubt the third flick in the vampire franchise is taking a darker turn.

And she credits the storyline and director David Slade for that...

"David has a darker sensibility, so it clicks," Rosenberg said. "The story has a slightly darker tone. I mean, it goes into a full-out battle, so it is darker in the nature of what it is. David was the perfect director for it."

Rosenberg's comments came just a day after Justin Chon, who plays Eric Yorkie in the Twi-movies, told me Eclipse is "gravitating toward more of a dark kind of moody film."

But not to worry, Rosenberg said, Eclipse won't be unrecognizable. "They have the continuity of having the same writers and same actors, but the directors put their own stamp on it," she said. "They'll be similar, but very different."
The second installment in the Twilight series is set to amaze us little less than two months from now, but as the production for Eclipse is rolling we cannot help but be excited and anticipate more with the new director, David Slade on the helm. Eclipse will definitely be a lot darker, def more action, and with Slade's style the possibility of surprise is endless. Eclipse is slated for June 2010.