Fan Pics of Rob and Kristen - February 6, 2012 Sushi Date
Sushi date night...sweet!
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Feb 6th in LA deja_carterWhy am I having dinner w/ Kristen Stewart right now ?! Lol Rob finally came, even though we look crazy..still love him(: lol Dinner was great! haven't seen Rob and Kristen in so long..I missed them<3 now omw home 2 pack..flight in the a.m.

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Update from HL (Grain of salt, if you will...) So it was Rob, Kristen with mom, Jules.
Sundy Carter and her daughter (and Twi-hard), Deja, sat next to Rob, Kristen and Kristen’s mom, Jules Mann-Stewart, at the restaurant and told us all about the amazing experience.

Rob, Kristen and her mom were extremely kind and friendly,” Sundy said. “They seemed very happy and down to earth. They took photos with my daughter, which was sweet of them.”

MamaStew and Rob in 2009. Gif via TheOtherEmma. Credit - kstewbitchface tumblr.