Rob and Kristen Spotted at Pre-Oscar Parties

Rob and Kristen  were out and about enjoying Pre-Oscar events in Hollywood. First stop was at the Sunset Marquis  and eventually, they had dinner with friends at the Chateau Marmont...I'm glad they had a fun night!

ETA:  Updated with the Brazilian reporter's detailed fan account - under the CUT

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Juicy_Couture Spotted: Kirsten Dunst, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart at the Sunset Marquis. #loveyouLA #jetset

MattDonnelly Robert Pattinson sipping champagne in a tshirt and baseball cap. Oscars, I love you. Cc: @taryder

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Taryder Our favorite couple are here and sweet, looking after each other and not disappointing on the PDA #oscars
Kristen is the s**t and.... That is all. Couldn't have been more fun #Oscars #yes.

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gringocochino Lautner. Swift. Stewart. Theron. Cyrus. o brien. Hemsworth Pattinson. Pharrell. Patton. Thicke. Britton. and the night has just begun.
 rob was wearing a hat and kristen was wearing a red plaid shirt. I'll post my photos tomorrow

sarahfitzm Chateau Marmont - R-padz and  Kristen Stewart are here more together than ever. It wasn't a pre-Oscars event they were both very casual she was in jeans and a plaid shirt. Robert had a cap on and was smoking, they walked through the bar holding hands and looked very cute, and very together

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claudiaciuffo To passando mal neste momento,jantando no Chateau Marmont olhando p Kristen Stewart e Robert Pattinson. Dying right now, having dinner at the Chateau Marmont, looking at Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.
O q mata e estar em frente a Kristen Stewart e ao Robert Pattison e nao poder tirar foto! #chatao mas sao regras do Chateau. #twilight. It kills me that I'm right next to Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson and can't take a picture. Annoying, but it's the rules of the Chateau.
Meu garcon esta atendendo o casal #twilight Robert e Kristen no Chateau. Contei p ele q sou fa do filme. Pago mico mesmo #nemai My waiter is waitering the twilight couple Robert and Kristen at the Chateau. I told him I'm a fan of the movie.
Os belos Kristen Stewart e Robert Pattison jantam neste momento com um casal de amigos no elegante hote Chateau Marmont The beautiful Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are having dinner right now with a couple of friends at the Chateau Marmont
Kristen acaba de se despedir da amiga e sentar ao lado de Rob. Conversam animados, ele toma 1 cervejinha e ela uma coca. #lindos Kristen just said goodbye to a friend and sat next to Rob. They talk animatedly, he drinks a beer, she has a coke.
O casal Rob e Kris #Twilight acabou de sair do Chateau! Nos tb estamos pagando a conta. #noiteinesquecivel #passandomal The couple Rob and Kristen #Twilight just left the Chateau.

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You can read her detailed story here in Portuguese English translation by GoogleTranslate here via @nycRK1

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deanpiper And R-Patz and Kristen Stewart looked super super loved up at Chateau Marmont too. Like his short hair. Both chain smoking in a corner.

heatworld We've been partying with @lindsaylohan at the #terryrichardson party and just spotted a very loved up R-Pattz and K-Stew at the Chateau Marmont! Oh, and we spotted Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux earlier. They just might rival K-Stew and R-Pattz as Hollywood's hottest couple!

ETA: February 27, 2012
TommyJJayman The WEM party the first night was probably the best.. Chatting with hayden panettiere was a highlight. Also spotted the smoking hot twilight girl kristin stewart. Unfortunately had 2 avoid saying hi as she seemed pretty pre occupied with her Vampire bloke. He looks like an alright lad 2 be fair so I won't be too jealous. to everyone asking (half the population of the world) No i didn't get a picture. That would be creepy. I also didn't spend my whole night looking at them because that also would be creepy. They were just a normal couple doing normal couple things. I dont really know what else to say.

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