Audio: New/Old Kristen Interview with TodayOnLine

Bits and pieces of this Breaking Dawn press junket interview was used by many foreign magazines (that's why it sounds familiar) during promo last year. This is the full audio clip... I added the time markers below.
Rob's interview with TodayOnLine was posted here

00:00 Was it easy to play pregnant Bella?
00:42 Was this a darker film? Were you comfortable as Bella in this movie?
2:22  Was Bella scared of marrying Edward?
3:07 Were you nervous doing the honeymoon scenes?
3:58 So was the honeymoon scene or the pregnancy worse.  Talks about Bill Condon
5:08 How did you celebrate filming the last movie?
6:16 Are you a better actress now?
7:10 Will life as a vampire be different for Bella?
7:49 What kind of connection has Jacob with Bella? At 8:45, she mentions Rob "In fact, it almost pisses off Rob how much I love Tay..err Jacob and Bella"
8:55 There was a strong connection in the final scene with Jacob and Bella.
9:10 What part of Bella do you relate to the most
9:36 Are you personally fascinated with vampires
10:10 Have you considered moving into producing films? Mentions 'Snow White and the Huntsman'
11:21 What was it like being part of the movie adaptation of 'On The Road'
12:56 Any interesting anecdotes about your costars? Talks about Taylor

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