Reese Talks about Rob and Water for Elephants

ETA: Youtube video added


Reese is busy promoting 'This Means War' and she talked a bit about 'Water for Elephants' and Rob with iVillage.
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24:00 - She says she loved filming Water for Elephants and cried when she had to say goodbye to Tai
26:30 - Says she loved Water for Elephant's dresses
33:00 - She says that Rob loves animals, that it was the reason he agreed to do the movie. Talks about Tai and that she was always following him and that he was also good with Uggie.
44:00 - Her most challenging role was Water for Elephants because of the circus training, learning how to work with the elephant and the horses.
47:00 - How was to play Rob's love interest in Water for Elephants and his mother in Vanity Fair? "Totally weird".

via RPLife