Daniel Cudmore on Rob and Kristen

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Ology Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart had been keeping mum on their relationship for years even though it was clearly obvious to Twilight fans that the two were an item. No more Team Edward and Bella jokes. It was and still is all about RPattz and KStew. The two tend to be quite shy during red carpet premieres but their affection toward one another has been quite different. Their Breaking Dawn co-star Daniel Cudmore, who plays Felix in the series, chatted with Ology about the two and how their relationship was handled on set. He was pretty reluctant at first but after hearing that the romance was finally confirmed he gave us a bit more detail.

"Yeah, they--did they come out about that? I don't know. Yeah, I don't know. It's funny because I think the whole time everyone--it doesn't matter who you are and where you are--when you see two people together you know," Cudmore said. "You could just tell whether or not they are in a relationship. But you know at the same time like it's not really any of our business to pry or poke and at the same time they just kept it very professional. So--and then obviously they are trying to hide it from everybody else."

Trying to hide a high-profile relationship from the public can be a struggle for any couple. So as Cudmore agrees, filming such a phenomenon like Breaking Dawn in Vancouver helped the cast stay grounded and ultimately helped in keeping the paparazzi away. "That's the tough thing, and I give kudos to the people on the top positions, because all of the things that they have to deal with on top of just trying to deliver on set every day and be the face of a franchise. I mean I couldn't imagine the pressure that they were going through with everything else on the side."

Stewart recently went public in November 2011 with the romance when she mistakingly told GQ UK that her "boyfriend is British." At the time of the photo shoot she didn't think that her response was a part of the actual interview.

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