Rumor: Rob Naked on Cosmopolis Set. And Eric Packer's Vandalized Limo


I'm placing it under the CUT. Warning for spoilers and you may need your salt shaker guys. lol  But uhm yes, if you have read the book you'd know there will some 'nekkid' scenes - how 'cinematically' naked? maybe we'll know soon.

Updated with pics of Eric Packer's 'vandalized limo' - as to why, under the CUT. Spoilers again.
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Source says "My VERY reliable source tells me that yesterday (June 27, 2011) Robert Pattinson spent naked for about 12 hours save for something covering his privates on the set of Cosmopolis shooting scenes.

As soon as this source said the words naked with Robert Pattinson’s name in the same sentence I kind of blanked out and started drooling a little (lot). I think RPattz was in bed for the majority of that time (clearly it was an in-the-studio shoot) but I can’t be 100% sure. My source? I am totally 100% sure about.

I asked if Robert Pattinson was embarrassed to be laying about with his junk barely covered and source said ‘not at all’ and that RPattz was very cool.

In fact source told me that RPattz is ‘the nicest guy, very level-headed and not at all affected by show business’.

The set of Cosmopolis itself is an amazing place to be (as I’ve heard from others). Oh, and because the source knows how I love dogs, told me that RPattz’s rescue dog is getting so big and is as big a sweetheart just like its owner.

Not earth-shattering news, but just one more reason to wait anxiously for Cosmopolis to hit theatres. Let’s just hope David Cronenberg (who I’m told is amazing) doesn’t CUT those scenes out or down (although I don’t think I can expect the full 12 hours of a naked Robert Pattinson in the film).

Cosmopolis is shooting night scenes in downtown Toronto tonight with Paul Giamatti. Wish I could tell you where, but I can’t. Wish I could be there but I can’t *sniff*.
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And here's Packer's 'vandalized' limo
Steve_s2002 "Robert Pattinson's white limo in Cosmopolis have been vandalized... Wow!!! Check it out. Here's another pic of Rob's white limo that now has Graffiti all over it. This is crazy. It says "Rat" on the one side.  And yes that is a Real pic of Rob's white limo in Cosmopolis. They are using it in the scene."

“The car sat stunned. It was slathered in red-and-black spray paint. There were dozens of bruises and punctures, long burrowing scrape marks, swaths of impact and discolor. There were places where splashes of urine were preserved in pentimento stainage beneath the flourish of graffiti.”
"You saw the car. We were under attack by anarchists. Just two hours ago they were a major global protest." ~Eric to Elise at dinner. Cosmopolis.

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