Garrett Hedlund and OTR Producer talk Kristen and Film Status

Celebuzz-TarynRyder  Garrett and Kristen came out to support Chris Weitz at his premiere for A Better Life Tuesday night at the Los Angeles Film Festival, and while Stewart didn’t do any interviews, Celebuzz snagged Garett for a hot second.

Here is what he had to say about the status of the film, and working with pal Kristen.

Hedlund was on the arm of his On the Road producer Rebecca Yeldham, who is also the director of the Los Angeles Film Festival. Garrett has been with her throughout LAFF, and the two played coy when we tried to get the status of the flick.

You are just going to have to ask the producer I have with me,” smiled Garrett, looking at Rebecca.

Let’s see, well the status is we are in post-production, I can’t really say much more. Except that [the movie] is awesome,” Yeldham replied.

Possibly putting two and two together (since the utterly fantastic film by Weitz A Better Life was done by Summit), we asked if Summit snagged the rights to On the Road, since Hedlund showed his support Tuesday.

Umm,” laughed Garrett again playing coy. “It’s all in discussion,” chimed in Rebecca, with a knowing smile. “We haven’t made any decisions yet.”

As for working with Kristen, Garrett said the experience was “wonderful.” “She’s a great actress, she’s awesome. It was a lot of fun.”

They all love each other. We all love each other,” laughed Rebecca. “Hopefully we can tell you all more soon!”

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