Jared Kurt, K-11 Co-Writer, tweets about the Film

_JAK_/Jared Kurt. "K-11 is Kristen's "Boys don't Cry" or "Monster" and she wants it to be right."

More tweets "K-11 is a story about redemption...about the dark days we all experience as human beings...and how we rise above. Frankly, it is a personal account of my past life. K-11 is not about defaming the Los Angeles Police Department, or the "shock value" implicit to any jail story. What makes the film disturbing is how young the inmates are. Old enough to vote, but young enough not to care. The reason why I cannot reveal many details about the film, is simply because these details are still being defined. The concept of K-11 is bigger than one film. It is the birth of a franchise. Extending beyond one film...into Television and Nu Media Distribution. In essence, K-11 is the story of my life."

Sorry guys, I'm as confused as you all are with his tweets. It's still hard to confirm anything based on these. Official confirmation is still our best bet.