Possible Ninja Sighting: Rob at Vice Mag Party in Toronto?

I guess Rob enjoyed himself relaxing at an exclusive RSVP-only party last night. Good for hard-working Rob. Tweets/RTs via RPattzUpdates. The oldest tweet is more than 9 hours old.

vicecanada "Our party tomorrow is RSVP only. Tears alone won't get you in. http://t.co/uPgoC6l- Tweet date June 15th.

mmpeace "just met rob pattinson!!!"

em_nemtin "R patz at the vice party being incognito."

bengyna "either I just saw Robert Pattinson and @Iamknaan at a bar in Toronto or I'm just THAT drunk and seeing things."

bleighz "I guess seeing Robert Pattinson and getting free beers makes this Vice party alright."

wtevs "robert pattinson shows up to see québécois metal band play, guess you did ok."

tianareid "At the Vice party... I seem to be unwillingly following Robert Pattinson around lately."

np_dance "@ the VICE magazine party with robert patterson. Pretty cool #celebsighting."

KarlMcKayonFB "Wouldn't let Robert Pattinson in the club right away because we were at capacity. The Twilight fans outside were outraged. They literally think of him as a god. Met him after, surprisingly is a really nice and understanding guy." via JossMed

I'm glad you're all enjoying the new additions on the sidebar. lol Nice huh?