Kristen at the 2011 LAFF Premiere of 'A Better Life'- June 21, 2011

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With Tay and Kristen are Summit Entertainment's Co-Chairman Rob Friedman,  and Summit Entertainment President of Worldwide Production and Acquisitions, Erik Feig.

Tweets from ChrisWeitz "Driving back from premiere. Taylor and Kristen represented. Love you guys.
(When asked about Rob?) he's shooting out of town!

More Untagged HQs under the CUT. Plus vids of Kristen at the red carpet, CW talks about Kristen and Taylor.
And cute tweets from fans who were at the Premiere.
I included solo pics of Tay and Garrett, just one each. lol More pics of the guys here
Updated with pics of Kristen arriving at the Premiere.

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Arriving at the Premiere HQs via kstewartfans

At the red carpet. Thanks kstewartfans

Another video watch here- Press Association. Tay and Kristen support Chris Weitz - CW talks about Kristen and Tay.

CcPrincess20 ome!! I SAW KRISTEN/TAYLOR TONITE!! THEY SAW RIGHT IN FRONT OF WHERE I WAS! GARRETT HEDLUND GAVE ME A HUG!!!!! Kristen is soo pretty/cute! she Screamed "wooo!!' for Chris when they presented him! She laughed/smiled & talked with Taylor the whole time. Kristen also got up to talk and give somebody a hug like 3 feet in front of me!! i wanted soo bad to say something but i was working! She danced to the music and did this cute hand thing to the beat of the band lol, And i was like :D the whole time looking sideways STARING! Kristen came in wearing her heels bt had her blue converse' in her hand, put them down, then she took her heels off & was shoeless! so cute! even her Feet are pretty! lol she had her feet on the seat (knees up) & i think she was saying something to tay about her feet/ the shoes. cuz she was pointing to them and then a part of her foot like they were hurting her lol but yeah, .. so many moments i remember so cute! lol. Yep! i was working in the theatre for the LAFF!! Oh 1 more cute Stewy detail, she was biting her thumb skin lol which is funny cuz i had been doing the same two secs before i saw her lol and she ran her hand thru her kstewhair so many times! inside i was just like :D!! lol i Doubt shes still there, the movie ended at like 9:58pm and she went straight over there, doubt she stayed That long lol no pics, i didnt wanna bother her (k i Wanted to lol but i Couldnt) and i was working as crew so i couldnt be like stop & take a pic!!

ANd good news for ChrisWeitz @ChrisWeitz idk if im supposed to say this but u got Sooo many 4/4 ratings for the film from the ballots we recieved from guests!

MaryGtwiNews P.S guess who recieved KSTEW AT THE RED CARPET AND SAID WELCOME AND SAT WITH HER to see a better life ..MEEEEEEE! @KstewAngel lol she put those as soon as she sat down in the theater lol and had hot ASB take the heels to the car .. @kookoocachuuu no, i just got to say hi & you look very pretty she enjoyed hispanic music and txt a lot and tay tay loved his popcorn a lot. @KstewAngel yeah, she was enjoying the band and was texting and smiling and talking to tay tay :) @kookoocachuuu it was hard believe me it was chris weitz two seats or so infront of us to the left and her and tay i was twitching & i felt. i felt so sick and nervous but i DID SO GREAT i didnt talk to her or interupted her for anything but what was needed to say

@Movieline After posing with their Summit bosses, Taylor and Kristen are whisked inside the theater. Nice of them to come out to support Weitz.

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