Pics of Rob Filming Cosmopolis - June 29, 2011

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*Warning for spoilers* Rehearsal photos here

HQs under the CUT

Tweets from papz plus this pic. Since Eric Packer finished Torval off, looks like its a wrap for Kevin Durand. Gonna miss the big guy. :)
lightboxgallery "Robert Pattinson did the gunshot scene 4 times, then went to the director's area to review the footage, then went back so to take some pics. after taking a few pictures and goofing around, David Cronenberg decided he had enough footage. Everyone gathered to cheer. after a break, they moved the cameras into another position to take some generic footage of kids playing in the fake basketball hoop. Kevin Durand hugged and shook hands with everyone that worked on set. Rob hugged a few people and walked quietly walked out through the back. I think Rob only hugged Kevin Durand and did a photo with him and someone else. then he walked away through back of bball court. Also, i sent in a video thats almost 2 minutes long. i might do an out-take video for the fans in a week or two. NOT BEFORE."