Narnia's Georgie Henley Mentions Kristen and Rob

Georgie with co-star, Ben Barnes

Q: What actors out there would each of you want your careers to emulate?

Georgie: Well, I think Johnny Depp has a really great career because he's always chosen different genres and always gone for the more outside roles. He's never taken the easy option. That's something I really admire and would love to emulate. People also tend to pick on Kristen Stewart, but I think she's done really great job going from acting alongside Jodie Foster in "Panic Room" to, now, being a fully-fledged -- and I think very talented -- actor. I think she does very well and deserves much better press than she gets. So I definitely look up to her career as well comingsoon via via

And she has a crush on Rob.
Now and again during our interview she refers to boys as ‘fit’ or ‘cute’ and talks of her teenage crushes.
‘I did like Russell Brand, but he has gone for Katy Perry and I am not like her at all. And I have got a bit of a thing for Bill Nighy, who is really quite old. And I absolutely love Simon Cowell. Then, of course, Robert Pattinson – although I am a bit turned off because so many girls love him.DailyMail via/via