Kristen Talks About Mallory: "I'm not vulgar as she is."

Daily Front Row NEW YORK) Kristen Stewart and James Gandolfini, both fueled by mega pop culture phenomenons like Twilight and The Sopranos, drew quite a crowd Monday night during the Cinema Society and Everlon Diamond Knot Collection screening of Welcome to the Rileys. Guests like Christina Hendricks, Gerard Butler and Danny DeVito stepped out to see the film, which tells the tale of a young, wayward teenager (Stewart) who creates a bond with the Rileys (Gandolfini and Melissa Leo). Stewart admitted she shares a sense of humor with her character but is more demure. “I’m not as vulgar as she is.” She paused and continued, “I do curse, just not nearly as badly.”

In addition to having a penchant for cussing, Stewart’s character works as a stripper. “I actually went to a strip club for the very first time,” said the actress on her preparation for the role. Sporting dark locks for the Twilight franchise, Stewart confessed she’s been going non-stop. “I was literally working on Breaking Dawn this weekend, and I haven’t had time off in a while. But you know, it really doesn’t bother me. I’m kind of boring. If I did have time to myself, I would probably just do nothing.”

“You have to be into the whole Twilight series, right?” asked James Woods, as he nodded towards his girlfriend, Ashley Madison, who quickly corroborated. “I’m 24 and so all my friends and I have read the books. Couldn’t put them down!” Meanwhile, Hendricks, arm-in-arm with husband Geoffrey Arend, confessed, “This whole experience is new for me, I’m excited!” Director Jake Scott revealed, “There were some pretty nasty things that happened during filming, because it was in a really rough part of New Orleans…But Jim [Gandolfini] lightened the mood on set, because he likes to make animal noises. Like a screaming donkey or something,” he said and demonstrated. “I really don’t know what animal, but he would do all these weird noises after a take and we’d all be like, what is he doing?”

Post-screening, guests dried their eyes and headed over to the new Club Room at the Soho Grand Hotel, unwinding with a bit of DeLeon tequila. Meanwhile, Stewart slipped out of her Valentino frock and into something more comfortable—jeans and a knit beanie.

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