Video: Rob, Kristen, and Taylor Interviews with Sky News Italy

Thanks veronicaaspuffy  for sending in the  vid and @mery933 for the translation.

VENICE: (hello Robert!)
Pattinson: (hello!)

VENICE: (how are you?)
Pattinson: I can not answer in Italian!

VENICE: (well well well ....)
Pattinson: (good!)

VENICE: Eclipse is a very romantic movie ... I showed him want to return sixteen! In your opinion is important in today's world of romance? You're a romantic? Do you think young people like you still believe in these stories of love so overwhelming?

Pattinson: Yes, sure. I never thought about before, but since I participate in all events related to the saga, I realized that fans are dying to hear these stories and trying desperately to keep alive this kind of romance. And 'as if to say "I want to see how it will end! I believe in true love. " People are crazy about these things. I think it is positive that in a cynical world there are thousands and thousands of people who still believe in true love.

VENICE: That Twilight is one of those that love lasts forever, that defies time and space. You believe that love can last a lifetime?
Pattinson: I think so ...

VENICE: I mean the union between man and woman, marriage or how you want to call ...
Pattinson: Yes, I would say yes ... although it must be quite complicated! A relationship may end, you may not even see anymore, but there may still be love between two people. And if the sentiment is sincere hard to stop loving. I think the relationship of love before love always end up the same. I do not know if that makes sense ...

VENICE: Of course it makes sense ... look, what is the most romantic love story you've seen the movies? Tell me what is your favorite movie of love, if you have one.
Pattinson: I loved a film by Godard, is called "Prénom Carmen", taken from opera, Bizet's Carmen.

VENICE: (Oh Carmen, yes, yes ..)
Pattinson: And 'a film that Godard made in the 80s. Pretty depressing for the truth ... maybe because when love is so painful is more realistic ... but it is one of my favorite movies.

VENICE: What does this mean? When you love that you love suffer?
Pattinson: Yeah, makes it more real!

VENICE: I'm sorry but I must do my classic Italian demand. Tell me once again something of your experience in Italy, did you like most?
Pattinson: Italy was the first place where I did a promotional tour of Twilight, the first film of the saga. I found myself in a foreign country and had no idea of the crowd that awaited me. I was at the Rome Film Festival, surrounded by thousands of cheering fans. I have a wonderful memory, perhaps because it was also the first time.

VENICE: Kristen Stewart told me that you had just run away ...
Pattinson: Yes, inside the library! It was the first time I happened to such a thing! It had never happened to see people so fanatical Twilight! I did not expect ... it was really exciting!

VENICE: But now you get used to all this ...
Pattinson: Yes, let's say now the thing does not impress me so much more, are no longer scared. But at that time so I was afraid!

VENICE: I guess ... look, what would you tell all your Italian fans? Say what you want!
Pattinson: Hello Italian girls! I hope you like Eclipse, since it seems to me that you appreciated the first two films! Indeed, I hope you like it even more!

VENICE: (Robert thanks!)
Pattinson: (thanks!)