Taylor Dishes on Kristen's Culinary Skills


Apparently, when Kristen Stewart isn't making movies, visiting talk shows or dodging paparazzi, the actress is quite the foodie and budding chef.

"I cooked dinner for 20 people; I was really proud of myself," the 20-year-old told MTV News at the red carpet for a special screening of "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" in New York on Monday night.

"I get really embarrassed when people ask me what I cook, for some reason," she added. "I shouldn't say that I cook anymore. There was like a big BBQ situation and, like, a bunch of steaks and veggies, and I made chicken piccata. I'm so embarrassed right now. But I made homemade marinara sauce starting at, like, 2 in the afternoon. It wasn't done until 8. It was incredible. The 'Twilight' cast showed up."

But even though Taylor Lautner is a fan of Stewart's cooking, he didn't get an invitation to the big feast. Maybe it was a vampires-only meal?

"I have sampled her food," he said, when he heard about the dinner party. "I was not at the feast, Kristen. But I have tried her food."

Lautner may have missed out on her marinara sauce, but he did get to sample a more unusual dish Stewart whipped up. "Like, OK, you know kumquats? There's apparently a fruit called loquats. Yeah, I didn't know either. And she made a loquat pie."