New Pics of Rob and Kristen at the Eclipse After Party

source/thehellamlStew Untagged by blossom03 via brandnewluv/pattinsonlife

With Sam Bradley and Rob's British agent, same blonde lady who sat beside him at the BAFTAs.

And to those asking about that girl in a hat. Nope, not her. At least that is what I gathered from my sources and the girl pictured here doesnt look like her at all. I'm sorry I am not approving  comments or  inquiries about this girl person. It only cultivate unnecessary hate, sorrow and doubt.  If you have the need to discuss, make mention, fuzz, make drama about  Rob's ex, you can do it on other sites, not here please.  Thanks.

And for the love of God, they are not fighting in these pics.  Holy hell! Whatever you are taking, its bad for your volatile little mind. So just stop! lol