E! News: Eclipse Chaos Continues. Kristen takes off her shoes. Wax Rob in Hollywood

Kristen is so cute, taking off her heels " I don't give a sh*t!" lmao
Please Ryan never connect NR with Rob "big screen sister". Eww.

ETA:  I am off to my second and third Eclipse screening.  So I maybe  out for a couple of hours.  I will not spoil it for you guys, but I will assure you David Slade, Rob, Kristen and Tay did not disappoint. I will also spare you from spoilers on the comments section, so that means I will not approve comments that would seem spoilerish. I will set up a sticky post  for all our 'gushy' comments about Eclipse, ok? Reminder, not all of us have seen it or is going to see it tomorrow, so be kind - hearts to everyone!