RobSten FanVids: Cosmic Love + Pyramid

Vid by Fiorels90 Song by Florence and the Machine. Yey! Great images and clips from the Eclipse Premiere. Yes, indeed, actions speak louder than words.

Robsten974  Love the song. Love Charice!  Great effect. Wow!  Pics also from the Eclipse Premiere.

HEY GUYS!  I pulled out the post on Kristen's ring.  You all make me crazy.  I got more than half a dozen tips about it via email and Twitter.  Honestly, I already saw the ring post on other blogs a few days ago and it did not interest me.  Yep, before all your tips and emails.  First, I can't see any clear writing on it and secondly, I felt it was too personal and I'd rather that Kristen keep it to herself whatever it is that is special about the ring ( or that necklace). But then, since you guys are all sending me the pics I thought you wanted it shared with other fans so I posted them.  And now I am receiving comments that the post was offensive and "let's just give this to RobSten to keep it for themselves"- yes some of you who commented that are the same peeps that sent me the pics via email.  Suddenly, I am the bad guy. Pfft. Anywaaaay, I will stop here.  Like I said I never liked drama.